Everyone Wants a New Kendama Now

I went to https://bestkendama.ro to find an elite kendama, and I was able to get exactly what I had hoped to get. My favorite color is green, so I was pretty happy with the green one that this site has for sale. Though I had been getting good with using a kendama, I had never owned my own. I was using one at the church that we started going to, and I liked it so much that I decided to go ahead and purchase a new one for myself. I was very happy when I went to that site and found not only one that is in my favorite color but also one that is reasonably priced too.

Just looking at this toy, it does not look like something that would be as addictive as it is. It is just a wooden toy that has a handle, a ball, and some cups. The handle is actually a spike, and it is attached to the ball with a piece of sturdy but thin rope. Just looking at it the first time, I remember thinking that I had no idea what to do with it.

It did not take me long to get into using it though, mostly because there are just so many tricks you can do with one. The older kids who play with it at church are the ones who got me interested because of some of the tricks that they can do, but it was not long before I needed more than what they knew. I went online and was able to find a video with some really cool tricks, and I have mastered those as well using my kendama. I did end up showing the older boys this site, and they are all wanting new ones now too.

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